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Greetings and thanks for swinging by!

You know, one of my favorite tidbits to share about myself is that I went into college to become a Marine Biologist, but came out a jazz musician. How in the world is that relevant to Web Development? Well, I believe it shows that I have the creativity and imagination of an artist, along with the analytical and problem solving capabilities of a scientist. In a nutshell, that phrase explains why I love Web Development so much.

At its core, Web Development is like composing a song. You start out with an idea, no matter how abstract, and then you work through challenges, solve problems, and tap into your imagination and creativity in order to produce a tangible thing that people can interact with and enjoy.

But, enough about me for now. I'd be happy to let you in on whatever more you'd like to know about me, if we should have the opportunity to chat. For now, let me share some of my work with you.



My very first client! The owner of this Lakeland, Florida gunstore wanted a site that was more or less structured like gunsmokeguns.com. He also wanted the small town appeal and more individualized service his store offers, to shine through in the website.



Three high ranking karate blackbelts (fair disclosure... one of them is my uncle) wanted me to build a site to document a new style of karate they developed called Chi-ryu Jiujitsu. They requested clever, yet subtle ways to have the site reflect their philosophies.

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